Winne Bucy

Mr. & Mrs. Don S. Celebrate the sale of their home, which Steven listed, sold, and closed in 13 days!

October 2013

Award winning salesman Steven Ross Jahn selling 96 homes in Arbor Meadows in 6 months in the late 1980's.  Steven went on to sell a record-breaking 249 homes in 1994.




13 days

Cindy Trafford

Mr. and Mrs. Fox had their home for sale for 5 years. Steven sold it in 17 days! (see testimonial)

Email from Marilyn Harrington

"This is to introduce Steven Ross Jahn to you..... He is a very special person and a great hard working realtor. He was a god-send to us, for he came along with hope after we had really begun to think that our timing and luck of finding a honest and hard working realtor, from the pool of referrals, we had contact with, most of them were totally dishonest and untruthful. Steven was a breath of fresh air and since having sold this lovely home, with Steven's persistence and perseverance, we have been able to move on to live our American dream, for this help - we are truly thankful and hope your experience is half as good and twice as profitable.

 Good Luck.... Marilyn Harrington
Email from Amy Bachman –

My name is Amy Bachman and on behalf of my family, we highly recommend working with Steve Jahn at Dreamway Mobile Homes. A couple of months ago we lost our home and we’re going through a very scary time. Steve, not only the process go smoothly, but he also put our doubts and fears at ease. Steve went above and beyond the call of duty to make an impossible situation possible. We had to do things very creatively but in the end everything worked out wonderfully and we have an amazing home to raise our five children. I now consider Steve a friend and part of our family. Thank you Steve for always being there to answer our questions, for keeping us updated and for making this process work for us. We are so happy with our home. On behalf of my husband Jerry and my beautiful children – thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us….God Bless you.

-The Bachmans

​"My name is Joe Viglione. For the last Twenty Two years I have been an employee of Champion Enterprises of Troy, Michigan. In the mid 1980's I was a sales representative for the Michigan region. I met Mr. Steve Jahn during this time while he worked for Select Homes out of the Flint, Michigan area.

Arbor Meadows Manufactured Home Community was managed by Steve Jahn at that time. Steve was in charge of the Development and Marketing for this Community in Ypsilanti, Michigan. One of the most remarkable things I ever witnessed and have not seen any one else accomplish while in the preparation of the development was being completed, was Steve John’s ability to pre-sell Ninety Six of the One Hundred and Twenty Two homes, and sites available.

Select Homes of Michigan also recognized Steve as a high achiever with Salesperson of the Month and Salesperson of the year, numerous times during my involvement with the company. In the 1990's I was promoted to upper management of the Champion Facility in Topeka Indiana and served as General Manager, until my recent departure to start up a new Division called Harmony Homes for Fairmont Homes, Inc.

Steve Jahn has continued purchasing homes from Champion Enterprises since he opened his own company in the 1990's. Steve is currently a Retailer for Champion Enterprises, which he represents the following Brands; Redman, Commander, and Redman Modular. Mr. Jahn has been a loyal Retailer over the last twenty years representing and selling the homes into either Manufactured Home Communities or small Developments he is associated with or owns. Steve has demonstrated that over the years as he can successfully construct, develop and operate a business within the manufacturing Housing Community, Single Family Development, and Private Land Development Industries."

–  Joe Viglione of Harmony Homes

James Brown had the title of the hardest working man in show business. Well with that being said I think Stephen Ross John should have the title of the hardest working man in manufactured home sales.

I first heard of Steven through an article in the South Lyon Harold. The story detailed that he was a country singer/songwriter who due to a personal tragedy in his life, perform benefits that helped raise money for Leukemia research. The article also mentioned that he was in real estate. After reading the article I kept his name in the back of my mind in case I ever decided to sell my home. I liked his story and his down-to-earth personality that came through in the article.

About  18 months after I read the article, I called Steven and told him that I was thinking of selling my home but my schedule was too busy to talk to him for a few weeks. He told me no problem and to give him a call back when my schedule freed up. Two weeks later I called to let him know I wanted him to look at my home and we arranged for a time to meet. It should be noted that during that two-week period Steven did not give me any pushy salesman phone calls to try to rush me into listing my home. I really appreciated that. 

When Steven came out to look at my home he took a ton of pictures from virtually every angle. At the time I thought taking all those pictures was a bit of overkill but after looking online at homes that are listed with other realtors and only have a few pictures I can see the difference. And it's a big difference. All of the picture Steven takes to of your home gives a potential buyer a real feel for your home and everything your home has to offer. The pictures totally invite the buyer in for their first private showing.

​Steven scheduled my home to be shown right out of the gate. In fact when he called me later that same day to say he had an offer on my home, I thought he was kidding. How can he have an offer on a home that was shown for the first time to only one buyer in a matter of hours? But he did indeed bring over an offer the same day that my home was shown. We talked the offer over and I think Steven sensed my hesitation on the offering price so he encouraged me to go ahead and counter. Which I did and it was accepted by the buyer.

Steven was not only able to secure financing quickly for the buyer but when my house appraisal came back, Steven noticed a discrepancy that allow the price of my home to be appraised for $2250 more than the original appraisal. Great for the buyer and great for me.

There are of course other realtors out there,  but for the money if you want someone who will really work for you, be assessable and give you 110% of his effort, I recommend contacting Steven. I hear he is branching out to other real estate areas and I know I will definitely be keeping him in mind again.

​Sincerely, Cindy T.

Email from Bob and Colleen

 We are writing to express our pleasure with Broker Steve Jahn, who represented us in our recent purchase of a single-family manufactured home in Chelsea.

Steve guided us through the entire process, from loan prequalification to searching for houses to making the offer and closing the deal. We credit Steve with a smooth, stress-free home-buying experience.

This is our second purchase of property, and never had we had such a pleasurable experience. Steve is savvy, personable and knows the market, inside and out. We never could have gotten our dream home without him.

To reiterate, we are nothing but pleased with Steve and his expertise and we recommend him to everyone.

-Bob and Colleen

I literally cried tears of joy because I could not believe this was happening as we tried for 5 years with no results from others. Within 30 days we were moved out free and clear on our home!  I would recommend Steve Jahn to anyone who is trying to sell their mobile home. He made it so easy and even at one point I called him to ask him what the next step was because it all went so smooth and his response to me was “ just pack”  I have given his card to several neighbors in the community and have raved to several people how quick he sold our home. My husband Kevin and I are forever grateful to him for helping us get out of our starter home and begin our new journey with our family!

Sincerely, Alicia Fox 

We listed our home with Dreamway Mobile Homes and it sold 5 days after it was listed! Wow!! Steve took a lot of pictures too! Thanks! 

The Kennedy family.

I was looking in to purchasing a mobile home but was a little overwhelmed with the process. Steven guided me through the entire process and handled everything for me! Getting me financed was a bit of a challenge, but Steven was patient and worked with me through the whole process! He also was able to negotiate out a deal for me so I could finish out my lease and move into my new home when I am ready! He truly made my home buying experience excellent! I highly recommend Steven Jahn with dreamway mobile homes! You will not be disappointed!

Kendra R.  

Dear future clients of Steve Jahn,

I was a home purchaser, looking for a mobile home close to my children's school in my community, I had talked to other listing agents,' and would get nowhere, it seemed like they were not excited to sell for their owners. I came across a listing and contacted Steve. I immediately liked him and his go -get'er personality. within 24 hours, I came, I saw, I signed a purchase agreement. I work in a fast pace dental practice a half hour away from the mobile home's community office, it is very hard for me to get time off. So when I decide on something, I’d like it to move swiftly and to get it done. Steve knowing this came to my rescue, He took special time out from his day and drove about 80 miles round trip running my paperwork around 3 different counties while I stayed at work. And got the deal done that day. AND HE WAS NOT EVEN MY REALTOR! I think he went way beyond the call of duty. If and when I sell I will be sure to look him up. He is very knowledgeable in his craft, quick, and accurate. He executes his job seamlessly, so if you are looking, I would suggest a potential client use Steve Jahn. or at least be as luck as me and find a place to where he is the listing agent!!! :)

Best Wishes,

Bethanie from Holly MI.


When I contacted Steven and told him what I was looking for in a home, he found it for me immediately.  The first home he showed me was my dream home.  I made an offer on the spot.  Steven was great; he worked with both myself and the sellers to ensure we both got what we wanted - and the process was smooth.  He was very professional and accommodating to my schedule.  He has been able to answer all my questions and concerns immediately.  I would not hesitate to refer him to any of my friends or family.

Jeannette Gott

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this testimonial for good reason.  My sales agent Steven Jahn has went over and beyond in the sale of my home.  Steven is a devoted, honest, and intuitive salesman.  Steven had stated that he would sell my home fast and 2 weeks later I had a check in my hand.  He was very attentive to my needs as a seller and from what I observed, to the buyer as well.  He has an uncanny ability to match buyer to the right seller.  Steven was also willing to cut his commission in half knowing I had to be out as soon as possible.  I could not be more delighted with the excellent service I received from Steven.  Anyone interested in buying or selling a Mobile Home would be wise to use Steven.  With abundant thanks!

John DeBono

To whom it may concern,

We would highly recommend Steven Ross Jahn to be your broker when considering selling your mobile home in the future.

From our first meeting to the final closing, Steven impressed us with his knowledge of the industry and his attention to details.  He was very conscious of what we needed to see happen and worked with us to make it happen (which eased our minds).

Steven went above and beyond the call of duty to please all parties involved in completing our closing.  he is a man of his word and handles his business with integrity.

We have already recommended his services to two other families in our trailer park who are considering moving in the near future.

Thank you, Steven, for all your hard work!!  You were truly an answer to our prayers!!!!


Stephen C. Rine and Rebecca A. Rine

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to tell you how happy Joe and I are in our new home. We could not have done it without you. Thank you for all your hard work on selling our original home and getting us into our new one. I have been in the Title business for 13 years and worked with hundreds of realtors and none of them would have gone above and beyond as you did for us. From the moment we met you until now you were right there with us every moment, always keeping us updated and always available when we called. I would recommend you to anyone in need of a great realtor. Your integrity, professionalism and due diligence raises the bar for any realtor out there.

Thank you so much for being you. Sincerely, Trina Arbini (an e-mail addressed to Steven after the transaction)

We would like to express our complete satisfaction for the work of Steven Ross Jahn. There were times when it appeared our dreams of a new home went by the wayside but due to the knowledge and perseverance of Steven, our dreams are now a reality.  Thanks Steven - you did an awesome job! Sincerely, Jim and Lin Savage, Hartland, MI


​I was impressed on how fast you were able to sell my home after listing it. We signed the listing on Wednesday and we had the first showing on Monday. By that evening, we had a signed purchase agreement and the closing took place on that Friday. I am so glad I listened with you and let you sell my home. No more worries about double house payments and lot rent, worry free again. Thanks for your help.

Pam (

To potential customers of Steven Ross Jahn of Dreamway Mobile Homes, My wife and I have been residents of Northville Crossing for a number of years and thoroughly enjoyed our manufactured home on the pond side lot we had. For personal reasons we needed to sell our home and tried quite vigorously on our own and through brokers that work in and out of the Northville Crossing Community but without success.

On the morning of July 26th 2013 I called Steven Ross Jahn who had many homes listed and several sold signs posted in homes in our park. I had never heard of Dreamway Mobile Homes, but called him because of the SOLD signs.

I was very frustrated and was telling him that a listing I had with another broker, but won’t name names, was expiring that evening of the 26th at midnight. I was so discouraged I told Steven that I was just going to sell it to the park of course at a tremendous loss, and Steven said "just give me a chance to come and see it and talk to you before making such a rash decision." I had him come by that evening at 8:00 and for the first time I felt as though I had an expert sitting before me. He looked nothing like I expected, HE WAS HUGE 6'5 and probably 300 lbs. He graciously encouraged my wife and me to give him a chance to help us, and offered a short term listing at the same commission as the other brokers. I was very reluctant to tie up my home again, but he knew so much and had 35 years experience and such a good track record that we listed it again. The next morning at 11:00 a.m. he showed up with his camera and a couple of Dreamway Mobile Home Sales Signs, we signed documents, and he took at least 75 pictures inside and out.

This is where the story gets unbelievable! At 4:00 that afternoon he had a cash buyer for our  home (The Leon Family) and hadn't even put the home on any websites yet. The biggest issue though was that this buyer needs to be in within 11 days or they couldn't buy it. My wife and I didn't know what to do with that limited amount of time to find a place to move and pack and be out that quickly, or if the park could approve this woman and her kids on time to close. Steven assured us that he could get the closing and Community approval by the deadline of only 11 days. He had somehow convinced the buyer that he could, which is very surprising because she had a deposit at another community not far from Northville Crossing, and they had been trying to get her to purchase a brand new home and had spent several weeks promising her that they were getting her financing approved but never closed her deal. She needed more than her cash amount allowed. Turns out that she had enough cash to buy our home but not enough to get the new home without the final credit approval. She was frantic because she needed to register her children for school and had no address.

Steven had us all meet together at 4:00 at our former home and worked it all out including having our lien holder, who was a woman from Ohio who sold it to us on a land contract, to drive to Michigan for the closing which we scheduled for the 8th of August. Steven got a $5,000.00 deposit and all the purchase papers signed and guaranteed us that he would go to the Community the next day with the buyer and he had every document that the Community needed up front and got the woman approved in 2 days! We miraculously were able to then move forward and pack up our home, knowing that she was a for sure buyer. We moved several items to my children's homes and we were able to do the walk through and close the sale right on schedule. I still am amazed at how that one phone call made the difference. He listed and sold our home within 6 hours of listing it and closed it within 6 days of us signing the purchase agreement!

I hope he doesn't get mad at me, but he looked like a fast talking BIKER in a shirt and tie, but believe me this guy is the best of the best at selling these kinds of homes.  

Sincerely, Mr J. Calisti


"To whom it may concern: I met Steven Jahn through one of my very best friends Mellissa who formerly lived in Flatrock. She had hired Mr. Jahn to list and sell their manufactured double section home. They had purchased another home up north and needed someone who could professionally represent their home on the market and try to secure a very quick sale. Mr. Jahn eventually secured a sale with the community owners for $7,000.00 more than they had offered Melisa just a few months before. He accomplished this within 30 days.  My friend is now living up north and so happy about how he handled this for them. The reason I met Mr. Jahn was because I was in a very distressed situation in my manufactured home in the Northville area and because of serious health issues that have happened to me I lost my job and income and therefore was being evicted by the community for not being able to pay the lot rent. I have four children and I'm a single mom, so I was desperate. Although my home was paid for and I needed the money desperately, rather than losing it to the community as a foreclosure for back lot rent, I decided I would just have to sell it quickly and for very little compared to what I should have been able to get if I had time to list it.   Mr. Jahn came over and spent three hours talking with me about the situation and took numerous pictures to list it for me, however I really was crushed to think that I would have to give up my home and try to find another place for me and my four children in the ill condition I am in. After discussing it further with Mr. Jahn, instead of him trying to sell it real cheap quick or buy it himself to resell or mostly not let the community get it for free, he purchased a truck I had with 185,000 miles on it so I could get my lot rent caught up and pay a few months ahead till I could get my life situated and get approved for financial help. Although I needed the truck I needed the home more. I could use my mom’s vehicle, and I could always get another vehicle but surely not a home of my own.  The reason I am giving this letter of reference is so others can see Stevens professionalism, but most of all his integrity, honesty, and willingness to go the extra mile for people, such as myself. About a month after he purchased my truck he found a diamond tennis bracelet lying on the floor of his carport, he wasn’t sure if it was his wife’s who had passed away from Leukemia in the recent years or if someone had dropped it at a yard sale he was having earlier in the fall in his carport. He was so honest that he called me and asked me if I may have left it in the truck and it fell out while he was cleaning it. I immediately sent him a picture of it on my wrist because it was a very sentimental Christmas gift and I thought it was surely gone forever. He could have easily kept it but instead he got it back to its rightful owner, ME!!!.  He is great at what he does, and he is the most honest and caring business man I have ever met, he even offered to take me to the doctors or hospital if I needed while my mom watches the kids. You can bet that if I end up having to sell my home in the future Steven and Dreamway is who I am going to call."

-T. Maupin

​"To whoever may read this reference letter: Hi my name is Mr. B and I have been a longtime Michigan resident going back many years. I have been involved in the computer software design business for years. A few months ago I was afforded an opportunity to transfer from Michigan to Dallas Texas for a new job. The sad thing is that if I took this new position which offered 2 times the pay, I would be forced to leave my wife and children behind for weeks at a time.  During my job loss in Michigan I became in arrears on my home we owned here in Michigan, so not only did I have to move to Texas to secure the new job, I had to leave my wife and kids behind to face a home going into foreclosure. It was very tough and I was told after I came to Dallas that the Sherriff was going to come and throw my wife and kids on the street with no place to go!  This is when my wife Mrs. B began scrambling to find an apartment! She had 1 week to move. She was very stressed out not just for herself but more for the children. I inquired about an apartment that was for lease and a man we found to help us is a Real Estate Broker, and a Manufactured Home Broker. He spent a very long time listening to our situation and knew exactly without hesitation how to help my family acquire another home for purchase and a good home in a nice Community near Ann Arbor. The first major difficulty Mr. Jahn had to overcome was us being able to get a loan approval for manufactured home, you see by this time I was way into foreclosure on my current residential home, the home was lost, and my credit now compromised. Steven explained his 34 years of being a home provider but also his unprecedented knowledge on the home loan business, having been a mortgage broker until 2008 when the mortgage crash came, so he was very knowledgeable. Within 1 week, he had us approved for a double wide home loan, and when we had my wife go with him to help fill out the application for the community site rental, they told her that she had a felony on her report. This was more than incorrect, it also was now threatening my ability to get a place for my family. Mr. Jahn immediately jumped into action, and found out who the company was that produces these reports and had to confront them, and explain her incorrect report. Mr. Jahn had to acquire paperwork from the Sherriff’s department and take it to the prosecuting attorney’s office and negotiate out the error. He accomplished this and received park approval for us to close on the home. He sold us the home in a total of 17 days into its listing, and if I hadn’t decided to work with Mr. Jahn, I would have never got that type of credit reporting errors straightened out and he handled it all, and very miraculously. He is the most caring person I have ever dealt with in my life and so relentless on solving issues, especially when there is incorrect information, as was this. Without him involved my wife and kids may have been living in a shelter, instead they are exactly where they want to be. Because of Steve I can rest at night knowing my wife and children are safe and in a comfortable home. I highly recommend him if you’re looking to buy a mobile home, especially if you need help with your credit."

-Sincerely, Mr. B

" To whom it may concern, I am writing to express my complete satisfaction with Steven Jahn as a realtor. Throughout the entire process Steven was professional, conscientious, and motivated. I always felt as though I was his only client.

Our home was under contract in 45 days after listing which was no easy feat, given that we live in Dallas, TX and the property is located in Highland, Michigan. Steven Handled the entire transaction from listing to closing with attention to detail and prompt follow through. He provided a profile on the house for people touring. He promptly returned all phone calls and had advertising in place including a website posting with 35+ pictures almost immediately after listing. He worked hard, and demonstrated a great understanding of contract details, negotiation etiquette and documentation.

Steven's knowledge of the entire process kept the sale on track, even after the financing organization's lack of familiarity with Michigan statues threatened to delay it. Steve personally escorted the buyer and me to the Secretary of State's office to complete the transaction and title transfer to eliminate the need to extend the trip from Dallas, or worse, make an additional trip. Had Steven not been there, the sale would not have closed as scheduled. The service and personal attention we received from Steven Jahn and Dreamway was exceptional. Regardless of whether you are buying or selling, I would highly recommend Steven to help you with the sale of your home. I could not have asked for a better Realtor to guide my wife and I through the process."

-J .A. Griffin

Our names are Brian and Brittany Weber.  When the time came for us to start our own lives together as husband and wife, we went through almost every option we could think of for a place to call our own.  That's when we came across Steve's name and number while doing an online search... and we thought to give him a call.  After our meeting with Steve, we felt more at ease with our decision to pursue this more over an apartment.  Steve took time to answer any and all questions (and yes there were a few that were asked 2 or 3 times) and helped work with us and finding financing.  From there, he kept the ball rolling with phone calls and emails.  He kept us in the loop.  He was a pleasure to work with and will be kept in mind when it comes time for us to move on.


Brian and Brittany Weber

To whom it my concern,

I purchased a home in Northville Crossing through Dreamway Mobile Homes. The professionalism of our broker, Steven Ross Jahn was amazing. He went above and beyond my expectations overcoming many roadblocks that most brokers would have quit on. He made the deal work not only the seller but also me, the buyer.  So if you’re looking to purchase a home or list your home, I cannot recommend him any higher. He will get the deal done.

Thanks again Steve for all your help.

With warmest regards,

AL Trost

Dear Steve,

Just a note to express our feelings about our recent association with you.  Kitty and I are still amazed at how smoothly everything went in the purchase of our new home.  You were on top of everything from the beginning.  We found the house of our dreams and you were able to complete the purchase in just a few short days.  We were so impressed with your professionalism and also feel that we have made a new friend.  That is why we chose to let you also sell our older home.  Again, everything went as planned by you and our old house sold for the asking price within two weeks.  We have no plans to ever move again, haha.  But if we should ever have to we will certainly contact you.  We will most certainly offer your name should anyone ask about a good broker.  We both thank you for making yourself available during your recent bed ridden back problems.  Good luck and God Bless you.

Boyd and Kitty

I began looking to move to the South Lyon area in May 2013. I sold my house and was looking to purchase a brand new manufactured home in a nearby community. We worked through the process of the house being placed and set to move in by August 1, 2013. Well, to make a long story short August. 1st came and went. The house was still not ready to move in. As school was closely approaching I needed to register my children for school, so I began looking for other options. I contacted Steven Ross Jahn of Dreamway Mobile Homes. We began looking at homes in Northville Crossings. He worked very hard, making himself available days and evenings, knowing I had to get moved as soon as possible. He contacted me informing me that he had found a house that had fit exactly what I was looking for. He set up a showing immediately. I felt that this was the house for me and my family. He began negotiating with the sellers, getting me the best possible deal and saving me money. The best part of my story is that Steven had the closing paper work prepared and signed within just a couple of days I was approved by the community in 3 days and moved into my house within 10 DAYS!!!! Just in time for us to get settled in by the time school was ready to begin. Steven guided us through the entire process, he was available any time of day and was very professional. He was also very knowledgeable about the market and what was available. I highly recommend him if you are considering moving to the area. he got done in days what it took other companies to do in months. Thank you Steven for all you have done Sincerely,

·       -The Leon Family

When we first contacted Mr. Steven Jahn, Owner of Dreamway Mobile Homes, we were hoping for him to do a walk-through of our house and give us a few suggestions as to what he thought about work we had done to our home, as well as what else may help it sell when we were ready to list.

On Staves 1st visit he spent much time with us going over many details about his background and getting to know us. He was very informative and experienced at what he does. Believe me it shows!

​When he told us that he would be more than happy to work with us when we were ready, we already knew he was the man for us. He not only conducts himself in a business fashion, but also takes an interest in his clients (both seller & buyer) like family.

He told us his average turnaround time was about 32 days. We were a bit skeptical since this was February, middle of winter and all. Steve took approximately 75 pictures of our home on February 11th, 2014 - listed them on his home site on Saturday the 15th, and on the 24th we had 2 people that wanted to walk through our home! The second person came back the very next day with a deposit!

Go figure- from the 15th to the 25th of February (10 days), our home was sold. Not only did it sell but we got our full asking price. The new buyers seem to be wonderful people. Steven had us all get together, and again I’ll say he is a business man, but he treats everyone like family from start to finish.

I would recommend Steven Jahn and Dreamway Mobile Homes to anyone who is serious about selling their home. He definitely knows the business and does it very well. Oh, did I mention his name and card were given to me by a friend, Julie? When I had mentioned to her, at a visit one day, that we would be putting our house up for sale soon (building another). She said that they don't come any better than Steve and his Company in her book, he had been the person to sell her home.

Then another person stopped by one day and during our conversation, our house came up, Luanne mentioned Steve and Dreamway, he sold her home too!!!

If we had it to do again, we wouldn't change a thing. He is an excellent Broker (owner) and wonderful person to deal with. We have no regrets what so ever.

​~Duane Deron and Juanita Lewis​

I am writing this to acknowledge Steven and praise him on his expertise in the real estate business. I met Steven on a cold February afternoon, after months of home searching with myself and other realtors I almost gave up hope. That's when I found a home that was perfect for my family and I. I was skeptical when I first saw him because he was in jeans and tennis shoes. Once we started to chat and become aquatinted with one another I realized that this man knew what he was talking about and he was about business. Once he showed me the home, I fell in love with it and I knew that this was the one. Steven was very fast and accurate with the paperwork and he made our closing process an easy one. Once I found my home I literally closed in about one week. If anyone is looking to purchase a home I do recommend that you work with Steven because he is truly a God send and he is great at what he does.​

~J. Hicks

Email from Thomas Rusing 

I have known Steve for almost 20 years in the manufactured and modular home industry. During that time as a Sales Representative and Sales Manager for a manufacturer Steve has been a sales person and business owner purchasing homes from the company I represent.

He has always been a top producer by being an aggressive individual capable of satisfying consumers needs with professional standards and results. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

-Thomas Rusing, Zone Manager, Redman Homes

"To whom it may concern: My name is Karen.  On March 28th I made an offer to purchase a manufactured home in a community in the Northville area of Michigan. Mr. Steven Jahn of Dreamway Homes was my broker for this purchase. Due to some difficult issues I was experiencing at the time, because someone had stolen my identity, I had to wait until I was on the job for a year on a second job I am working. This required Steven to negotiate terms with the Seller and delay the closing for an extra 4 to 6 weeks. The sellers were already under agreement to purchase another home and this would become a huge obstacle for them to be able to close on their new home. In most cases, I believe, the sellers would have cancelled the transaction and pursued another purchaser because Mr. Jahn had this home listed and has a very high reputation of success at selling manufactured homes. Instead Mr. Jahn negotiated the sale on behalf of both I and the sellers and helped me arrange financing which was very difficult and required an expert to help walk me through verifying my down payment from 2 different sources, cashing in an IRA and awaiting a tax return which we were not sure was going to be released to me because of prior issues with the identity theft.  At the very end of waiting the extra 4 weeks till my year on the job, the bank then decided that my income wasn’t high enough because a sudden garnishment had been placed on my paycheck that was to last several months. At this point I had one day left to move out of my apartment and nowhere to go!  I was devastated!  Mr. Jahn stepped up to the plate and re-figured my ratios for the loan and gathered all the necessary documents to reduce my insurance payments and verify my net income and got the loan passed through. He was also able to negotiate, in good faith, for the sellers to allow me to take entrance to the home to clean it and move my belongings in so I didn’t have to get a storage unit and move 2 times. Steven was just fantastic all through this process. He even paid the first month’s rent and security deposit at the park, in advance for me, so I could move my stuff in. All of this, even before the closing was complete, because he knew he had worked out this miracle for me. I had to have central air conditioning put in the home after I moved in and Mr. Jahn, through his connections, had it put in the very next week.  Me and my son are now happily in our home and can’t say enough about how professional and knowledgeable Mr. Jahn of Dreamway is. We highly recommend him and will use him in the future if we ever need to sell or buy a home again."

 -Sincerely Karen M.

Email from Thomas V. Course Jr.

I engaged the services of Steven Ross Jahn in late 2012, and continued through the successful dispatching of two properties in Northville Crossing in 2013. Steve went far and above the usual mechanization of successful real estate transactions.

Mr. Jahn took care of all necessary cleaning, repairing and upgrading these two properties to make them ready for sale. He hired inspectors, contractors and workmen to make the properties appealing to prospective buyers. Steve also arranged all the financials around these 2 sales. He handled everything for me that I could not.

I give my highest recommendations to Steven and his help and services in my Northville Crossing real estate sales.

 - Regards, Thomas V. Course Jr.

 Auten Photography Redford ,Michigan.

"Hello, my name is Joel Auten. I don’t usually create letters reference  for business people I’ve had dealings with, but in this case I felt compelled to give credit where credit is due for an amazing job well done!  I had a manufactured home in a community in Whitmore Lake Michigan that has had its issues with vacancies and a lot of the homes have diminished in value, condition etc.  I placed my double section home up for sale on the internet and had absolutely no success at securing a buyer. I would get calls but after people drove by or called the community it seemed as though they just vanished. I had already purchased a residence in Redford and was facing the stress of 2 home payments and the lot rent on the Whitmore Lake home.  A Broker by the name of Steven Jahn of Dreamway Mobile Homes, from Northville, MI, contacted me and talked to me very openly and upfront about my home and we discussed my trials of selling it.  After talking for about 15 minutes and Steven viewing my pictures online he thought it would be advantageous for him to make the fairly long drive to my home and see it in person and talk further. After sitting and analyzing the situation something I consider very rare happened, he actually told me I was selling my home for too little and that there is a very good chance that I was simply losing my potential buyers to the competition and explained the reasons this happens.  I was so convinced by his expertise and his explanation of his experience in the 30 years of selling theses kind of homes that I decided to list the home with him.  He was so confident he could sell it rather quickly that he only asked for a thirty day listing.  I am so glad I did, he had my home sold and closed within 20 days and actually acquired $1500.00 more for my home than I had previously listed it for.  I was sure he was going to low ball it and try to just make a quick commission. This man impressed me so much that I actually left him a card when he came to do the final walk through and a $200.00 bonus which I just felt compelled to do.  I can’t say enough how happy I am to have had this gentleman call me and to have had him involved. I would use him anytime in the future and I wish him the best in his future endeavors."

 -Sincerely, Joel Auten

Email from Thomas A. Rusing, Zone Manager, Redman Homes, Topeka, IN

I have known Steve for almost 20 years in the manufactured and modular home industry. During that time as a Sales Rep and Sales Manager for a manufacturer, Steve has been a sales person and business owner purchasing homes from the company I represent. He has always been a top producer  by being an aggressive individual capable of satisfying consumer needs with professional standards and results. Feel free to contact me with any questions.


Dear Steven Ross Jahn,

       I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your speedy and timely sale of my house at Scio Farms estates. As you know, since I moved to Arizona the mobile has been empty and a burden on my budget. I emphasized the need for a quick sale, and you were able to switch gears from getting the highest price to getting it sold with-in 30 days.

      I had been living in the mobile, I would have held out for a longer time period, and I have every confidence that you could have fulfilled your estimate of what the home was worth.  But as I was paying expenses on two places, I appreciate your getting the home sold so quickly. I saved nearly all of the January expenses as you closed within a few days of the offer.

       Please feel free to use this letter as a reference to future clients. Let them know that in a down and out slow market, you advertised extensively and showed the home 5 or 6 times in a month; furthermore, you closed the deal quickly and sent my proceeds promptly. It seems to me that your many years of experience with modular and mobile homes were a big help in this endeavor. Thanks again for your prompt efforts on my behalf.


Jeanne Quinn

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Pam Brady - "Steven sold my home in 5 days!!!"